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T5505 130 mm-5"
Epoxy coated Antimagnetic Steel
DIP/IC Insertion/Extraction
All sizes available.

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Soft-Tip Tweezers

T1090-SA 140 mm-51/2" T1290-SA 140 mm-51/2"
T1090-SA T1290D-SA
TR1090-SA TR1290-SA
TR1090D-SA TR1290D-SA
MICRO Flat Nose MICRO Flat Nose

Cutting Tweezers

415A-EZ Tip Cutting

415AP-EZ Parallel Cutting

A = 11mm-0.43
B = 6.5mm-0.25
C = 115mm-41/2


For Epoxy, Adhesives etc

Set No. MS5 includes Set No. MS5-ESD includes
2ea. MS025 Black 2ea. MS025-ESD Black dot
1ea. MS038 Blue 1ea. MS038-ESD Blue dot
1ea. MS050 Green 1ea. MS050-ESD Green dot
1ea. MS063 Red 1ea. MS063-ESD Red dot

Sparky Mag-Eyes Personal Magnifier (Model 383)

One Size Fits All

Reduce Eyestrain - Evaluate Surface
Features Quickly, Easily, Accurately.

1. Feather-Lite, only 50 Gramms (1.75z.)
2. Magnifier swings up and down, or can be locked in place
3. Modern ioen design assures unimpaired vision.
4. Confortable during long hours of use
5. Slip-on cushioned headband
6. For use with long or short hair
7. Snap-out interchangeable lenses (2.5X and 4X)


  • Instantly enlarges images and objects
  • Hands-free maagnification
  • Can be worn with or without eye-glasses, contact lenses or safety glasses
  • Optical grade acrylic lenses
  • Distortion-free viewing
  • No Headaches: simple, comfortabke, safe
  • Double lens for 3D viewing
  • Wide field of vision
  • Adjustable lens angle