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THE SPIRFLAME® is a patented, powerful microflame generator with an electronically stabilized, adjustable heat output. The microflames are made from the self-generated 2:1 mixed hydrogen - oxygen. The multiple-cell electrolyser uses an ample supply of 110..220 vac energy to decompose water.

The SPIRFLAME® microflame generator is used for precision:
- soft soldering
- silver soldering
- brazing
- welding
- annealing
- hardening
- spot heating
- polishing
- flaming of plastic surfaces before print, and...

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3S-Wick® De-Soldering Braid (solder removing wick). Wicking is an economic and safe NASA approved solder-removal procedure.


EconoClean® High Power Ultrasonic Cleaners for the most demanding cleaning jobs in electronics, semiconductor fabs, hospitals,...